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This section is organized alphabetically by title except for collections of articles, which are grouped together separately.

NEW!  "To Subdue My Passions and Improve Myself in Masonry" by Bro. James Maertens.  The seven deadly sins can serve as a model for examining those passions which are moral errors and so are the ones we pledge to subdue.


"Ashlars: The Building Blocks Of Fraternity" by Bro John Ward Worlein. An exploration of the symbolism, history, and deeper meanings of the rough and perfect ashlars.

The Dionysian Artificers by Hippolyto Joseph da Costa [1820].  This essay, published in 1820, was an attempt to prove that modern Freemasonry derived from ancient Greek philosophical and religious ideas. Hippolyto da Costa (1774-1823), was a Brazilian journalist, author, Freemason and world traveller. (from Sacred Texts Archive.)

Fraternitas: Brotherly Love.  by Bro. James W. Maertens of Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Freemasonry and Religion.  A page containing several short articles and statements by various Masonic leaders on the topic of Freemasonry's relationship to religion.  From the Supreme Council Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction web site.  srmason-sj.org

George Washington: Boy Surveyer to President by Bro. James Maertens. An article based on the lodge education talk given in February 2008.

History and Mythos of the Knights Templar by Stephen Dafoe. A web site by Templar author Dafoe which explores Templarism - including Templar comic books!

Master's Marks and Mark Masonry by Bro. Charles Conover.  An adapted and abbreviation of the article originally published in The Builder Magazine (Dec. 1920).

The Meaning of Masonry: A Voyage Through the Psyche by Bro. James W. Maertens, Ph.D. 32° (Originally published in the Lake Harriet Herald, May/June 2009)

Operative and Speculative Knowing: Another Key Symbol by Bro. James W. Maertens, Ph.D., Lodge Education Officer, Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277.

The Point Within a Circle: More Than Just an Allusion? Construction of a Right Triangle Using the "Point Within a Circle." by Bro. William Steve Burkle KT, 32°, Scioto Lodge No. 6, Chillicothe, Ohio. From Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry.

Three Reasons Not to Vote in Lodge Elections!  by Bro. James Maertens.  It's December and you know those useless elections are coming around again.  Tired of  thinking up excuses not to go to lodge elections?  In this article you can discover the three deep secrets of Freemasonic election-avoiding.  Voting: it's not what you think it is.

The Work of an Entered Apprentice:  The Common Gavel, by Bro. James Maertens, Ph.D. Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277, Minneapolis.


A Collection of Research Papers from the Australia and New Zealand Masonic Research Council.

A Separate Reality-Anthropology, Ritual and Today’s Mason by Roel van Leeuwen

The Degrees of the Practical Masons by Neil Wynes Morse

An Exile from Canada to Van Diemen’s Land by Wallace McLeod

The Mason Mark by Ken Brindal

The Masonic Approach to Self-Development by Phillip Hellier

Lord Carnarvon in Australia by James Daniel

Mysticism, Masculinity and Masonry by David Slater

The Hung Society and Freemasonry the Chinese Way by Graham Stead

Science, Freemasonry and the Third Millennium by Robert Collins Barnes

greenMASONRY: Nature and Freemasonry by Geoffrey Ludowyk

MASONIC RESEARCH IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND  by W.Bro. Tony Pope, Editor of the ANZMRC’s publications.

Masonic Papers by Dr. Andrew Prescott, Director of the Centre for Research into Freemasonry, University of Sheffield, England (2000-2007).   c/o Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry. Click Here to go to the page listing all his papers at P-S Review.




THE STUDY OF FREEMASONRY AS A NEW ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE.  First published in Vrijmetserarij in Nederland, ed. A. Kroon (Leiden: OVN, 2003).

'THE DEVIL'S FREEMASON': Richard Carlile and his Manual of Freemasonry.  Lecture to the Friends of the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, Freemasons' Hall London, 19 March 2002.  A paper about Richard Carlile, the author of one of the earliest Masonic exposés, and the radical republican movement in England among the working class. As a recent commentator Joss Marsh has put it: "...the Chartists' jailhouse refusals, the suffragettes' hunger strikes, the self-starvations and blanket rebellions of IRA terrorists and internees: all alike look back to Richard Carlile."



The Builder Magazine .  The complete collection of this famous Masonic publication in electronic format.  The Builder was founded and edited by Joseph Fort Newton, author of the book The Builders and many other Masonic books.

Freemasonry Today.
  The Magazine of the United Grand Lodge of England.  Back issues readable online.

Masonic Quarterly.
  Back Issues of the old Magazine of the United Grand Lodge of England pre-dating Freemasonry Today.

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