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Masonic Education: Seeking More Light

Lodge Education is a big part of Freemasonry today. We continue a long tradition of including talks and presentations in our lodge meetings, which encourage brothers in their goal of continually seeking knowledge and understanding. Light in Masonry is knowledge of the spirit and of the world; it alludes to our quest for inner knowledge of ourselves, and it alludes to the study of nature and our fellow men in order that we may never stop growing in wisdom.

In this part of our lodge web site you will find pages devoted to understanding what Masonry is, what it has been historically, and how you, as a Mason or as an interested seeker can learn more about the wisdom taught by the Craft. Click on the following links to explore further.

With brotherly love,
Bro. James Maertens
Lodge Education Officer


Lodge Library Wish List

To help expand our lodge library, I have created a 'wish list' on Amazon.com where I list books that look interesting for Masons. Check it out, and if you order one of the books, donate it to the library after you are done.

Lake Harriet's Amazon.com Lodge Wishlist

I have a special award for the person who donates the most books to the Lodge library from this wishlist in 2010. I will probably make this an annual competition.

In addition, if you have accumulated books of interest to Masons over the years, consider donating them to the lodge library. We have multiple copies of only a few titles (and the major historical sets and encyclopedias). Philosophy, the good life, spiritual growth, science, psychology, the liberal arts, history -- are all desired.

Fiat Lux!

Bro. James


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