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Senior Warden
The Senior Wardens regular attendance on the meetings of the Lodge is essentially necessary. In the absence of the Master the Senior Warden is to govern this Lodge, in the Masters presence the Senior Warden is to assist the Master in the government of it.
The Senior Warden should:
  1. Serve as Master on the Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft Degree.
  2. Be responsible for the continuous operation of the Mentor Plan.
  3. Secure Coaches for the Candidates.
  4. Serve as a member of the Finance Committee.
  5. Serve as a member of the Charity Committee.
  6. Attend--
    1. Grand Lodge Communications
    2. Schools of Instruction
    3. Area Conferences
    4. Masters and Wardens Conferences
    5. Degree rehearsals
    6. Leadership Schools
  1. Serve as Chairman of the Program Committee. Should administer the current year’s program and plan the program for the following year.
  2. Be responsible for an occasional article in the Lodge paper.
  3. Be responsible for obtaining al] the necessary Brethren needed to exemplify the degree at which he will preside. This will include Brethren to rehearse the lectures.
  4. Be available to head up projects for the Worshipful Master.
  5. Secure a commitment from a qualified member for appointment to the line.

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