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Senior Steward
It is the Senior Stewards duty to assist the Deacons and the other Officers in the discharge of their duties, and to see that the tables are properly furnished at refreshment and that every Brother is suitably provided for.
It is also the Senior Stewards duty to aid in the introduction of candidates, and as from him the first impression of our Institution is received by them, he should be particularly careful, by the seriousness of his deportment, to properly prepare them for the dignified and important ceremonies of initiation.
The Senior Steward should:
  1. Seriously propound, from memory, the necessary interrogatories to the Candidate and collect the required fee.
  2. Assist and conduct Candidates, when needed.
  3. Prepare the Candidate for work.
  4. Attend--
    1. Schools of Instruction
    2. Area Conferences
    3. Degree rehearsals
    4. Leadership Schools
  5. Arrange for Assistant Deacons, when needed.

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