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The Master has been elected by his Brethren to fulfill the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a Master Mason by his Lodge. His duties, power and prerogatives are well nigh absolute and, as such, the trust which his Brethren have placed in him should never be violated.
The Master must:
  1. Know the Ancient Landmarks, continuously study the Masonic Code of Minnesota, the Masonic Manual of Minnesota, and the By-Laws of his Lodge.
  2. Preside as Master at all Stated Communications
  3. Sign all orders and vouchers after Lodge approval.
  4. Appoint all appointive officers and committee chairmen. Appoint committeemen on advice from the committee chairman.
  5. Fill temporarily vacant Stations and Places
  6. Serve as Chairman of the Finance Committee.
  7. Serve as Chairman of the Charity Committee.
  8. Attend—
    1. Grand Lodge Communications
    2. Schools of Instruction
    3. Area Conferences
    4. Masters and Wardens Conferences
    5. Degree rehearsals
    6. Leadership Schools
  9. Make immediate personal contact with the family upon notice of the passing of a Brother or a member of his family and offer assistance.
  10. Be responsible for the Masonic Burial or Memorial Service of a deceased Brother when requested. He may conduct the service himself or appoint a well qualified Brother to act for him.
  11. Preside as Master on the Master Mason Degree and be present at all degree work.
  12. Be responsible for obtaining all the necessary Brethren needed to exemplify the Master Mason Degree, this would include Brethren to rehearse the lectures.
  13. Be responsible for an article in each issue of the Lodge paper.
  14. Publish a calendar of events.
  15. See that his successor is properly installed.
  16. Be responsible for the progress of his appointee through the line to the East.

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