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Lodge Education Officer
The Lodge Education Officer will assist in preparing and promoting quality, regular educational programs for the Lodge. To this office has been given the honor and responsibility to be the facilitator of Masonic knowledge and philosophy. By your encouragement, guidance and leadership, the Lodge Education Officer will assist the Brothers of all degrees to study and enjoy Ancient Craft Masonry. Regular and punctual attendance at all Lodge Communications is particularly requested.
The Lodge Education Officer should:
  1. Assist the Master and Senior Warden in having prepared or preparing quality, regular Lodge education programs.
  2. Coordinate or assign the education efforts of the Lodge by holding regular meetings of the Lodge Officers, Mentor and Coaching Program Representatives, Degree Directors, and other Committee Chairmen of the Lodge as may be involved in educational efforts and activities.
  3. Attend with other Brothers and Officers of the Lodge:
    1. Schools of Instruction
    2. Leadership Schools
    3. Attend:
      1. Regional Lodge Education Officer Events
      2. Grand Lodge sponsored Education Officer events
  4. Receive, distribute and promote the use of educational information made available to Officers and Brethren as indicated.
  5. Prepare and submit a report at the regular Stated Communication of the Lodge. This should include information on educational program(s) planned, and opportunities of Masonic education which Brothers may attend.
  6. Masonic educational opportunities whenever they may occur.
  7. Communicate Masonic educational articles and Lodge education activities by appropriate written means to all of the membership.
  8. Notify other Lodge Education Officers of planned significant educational programs occurring within the Lodge.

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