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Links to Other Web Sites for Masonic Research

Masonic Lodge of Education
By improving your Masonic education within your Lodge, you, personally, gain knowledge of the craft of Freemasonry and help to improve Masonic retention of your brethren.   Simon Pierce helps you learn basic lodge-level Freemasonry via his Fast Track, Fat-Free method to save you thousands of hours in your quest for Masonic knowledge.  Very useful site.

Phoenix Masonry
"This website was developed to deliver further Light in Freemasonry." Phoenixmasons are "e-Masons."  The site is a repository of Masonic documents, lectures, and objects.  "We hope to bring the past back to life; and incite a passion for learning."  Particularly interesting is their photographic "museum" of Masonic material culture.

Freemasonry Today
Freemasonry Today has amalgamated with MQ Magazine to become the official journal of the United Grand Lodge of England and a copy of the magazine is distributed to all members living in the United Kingdom. This website carries the whole contents of over 44 issues published over the last 10 years. On this Home page is a link to MQ Magazine, with 23 issues published over a period of 6 years.

The Web of Hiram
This website began when Dr Robert Lomas of the University's School of Management, decided to create an electronic database of the Masonic material held in many of the University's Special Collections as part of his on-going research into the cultural origin of scientific ideas.  As other material has been donated to this work it has been added to the archive. None of the rituals and statutes recorded in the data are currently in use. It is in effect a scrap heap of discarded ritual and belief. But just as an archaeologist can search through ancient midden heaps and in doing so discover a lot of information about the people who dumped the rubbish, so this archive gives valuable insight into the cultural contributions of Freemasonry.

Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry
The oldest, most popular and famous Freemasons Ezine written by Master Freemasons of a Grand Lodge of Ancient, Accepted Free Masons. A Freemason recognized as regular by the United Grand Lodge of England or by a Grand Lodge of the United States of America, Prince Hall Freemasonry included.  PS Review of Freemasonry was established on July 17, 1996 and since then eminent Freemason scholars, members of Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2076, United Grand Lodge of England, Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council, the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Research Society USA, and The Philalethes Society USA, have published their Masonic papers on this site. 
        Mainly in English, but with a lot of Masonic research papers available also in Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese, the site is a reliable resource of Masonic Education on the net allowing you to be more acquainted on the Origin of speculative Freemasons as far as on the Ritual performed in a Masonic Lodge and the Degrees of Freemasonry.

Canonbury Masonic Research Centre
Canonbury Masonic Research Centre was founded in October 1998 and began work in December the same year. Its purpose is the study of western esotericism and related fields, in particular that of Freemasonry and the traditions linked to it. Our eventual aim is the development of an academic programme.

The Philalethes Society
The Philalethes Society was founded on October 1, 1928, by a group of Masonic students. It was designed for Freemasons desirous of seeking and spreading Masonic light. In 1946, The Philalethes magazine was established to publish articles by and for its members. For many years it has been voted the best Masonic publication in the world.  The sole purpose of this Research Society is to act as a clearinghouse for Masonic knowledge. It exchanges ideas, researches problems confronting Freemasonry, and passes them along to the Masonic world.

Personal web site of MWB Neil Neddermeyer, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, and currently Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge of North Dakota.  This web site is offered to assist Masonic Leaders in their efforts to lead and inspire the Craft.  Cinosam (Masonic spelled backwards) is an email letter that has been sent out to subscribers at least once per month since 1999. It contains Masonic biographies, histories, quotes, stories, poems, and more. You can access the Cinosam archives on this web page. You can also download Powerpoint presentations and Masonic ideas as well as view leadership videos. These offerings are updated frequently. The videos have been compressed for easy downloading but copies of them can be ordered from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

The Centre for Research into Freemasonry
The Centre for Research into Freemasonry was established in the academic session 2000-1 as the first centre in a British university devoted to scholarly research into Freemasonry.  On the occasion of the public launch of the Centre for Research into Freemasonry at the University of Sheffield in March 2001, the Director of the Centre, Professor Andrew Prescott, wrote an article for the university newsletter introducing his major new humanities research initiative.  Since 2001, the Centre has produced a wide range of published work, organised many seminars and conferences, and developed extensive collaborations with other scholarly projects in Europe and elsewhere.

The Cornerstone Society
The Cornerstone Society exists to provide a forum where the meaning and relevance of Freemasonry can be discussed in an open and constructive environment, where the way our rituals are performed can be explored and enhanced and where Masons can learn together to live out the words we speak.  The Society promotes no corporate view. The opinions expressed in items on this site and at Cornerstone Conferences are those of the individual and do not represent the views of the Society or Freemasonry in general.
       The Cornerstone Society has no formal role within regular Freemasonry. It has a light administrative structure so will be whatever its members make of it. It celebrates both the light within Freemasonry and the lighter side of it, though its subject matter is assumed to be of the deepest commitment and utmost moment. It aims no more or less than to bring Masons together to unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness.

THE PREMIER LODGE OF MASONIC RESEARCH IN THE WORLD.  The Objects, Functions and Privileges of Membership.  There is no greater service we can render than in helping to foster a genuine love for the Craft, based on a better understanding of its origins, customs and practices. You can help us in this work by joining the Correspondence Circle and persuading your Lodge to join as a corporate member.

Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Co., Inc.
Macoy has been serving FreeMasonry since 1849.  Macoy is the oldest Masonic literature publishing firm in the United States. No other Masonic supply house has had such a continuous business record.  Macoy takes pride in offering quality items and services to Freemasons everywhere. We offer an extensive library of Masonic literature, in addition to our beautifully made Masonic, Scottish Rite, Eastern Star and Shriners (to name just a few) regalia and jewelry.

The Masonic Society
This group was formed recently by a number of Masonic scholars who were put off by the Philalethes Society’s openness toward 'irregular' and 'regular-but-unrecognized' Masons as members.  The Masonic Society is a subscription based magazine and website, geared toward Masons who belong to the many grand lodges that are recognized by COGMNA, the Conference of Grand Masters in North America, or by UGLE, the United Grand Lodge of England.  These of course are the two primary vetting organizations for global Freemasonry, and our jurisdiction considers their analysis for advice on whether another grand lodge is regular or not. Look to the Masonic Society for a wide range of excellent Masonic scholarship from some of the best writers in the US, UK and Commonwealth, and Europe.

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