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Sites of Other Masonic Bodies and Jurisdictions

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Masonic Information, Videos, and in the News

Sites of Interest for Masonic Education, History and Culture:

-- Also --

  • The Art of Manliness - Not "Masonic" per se, but good material about traditional manhood
  • The George Washington National Masonic Memorial - A true national treasure supporting the Masonic Family and memorializing our esteemed brother George Washington, near DC in Alexandria, VA.  Be sure to see it when you are in Washington DC
  • The Lodge Room - A Canadian lodge education resource, edited by prolific Masonic author Stephen Dafoe 
  • MasonicInfo.com - A resource on all the anti-masonic rumors and conspiracy theories out there
  • Masonic Lodge of Education - A treasury of Masonic educational materials from a US jurisdiction 
  • Masonic Renewal - A committee and web resource of the Conference of Grand Masters of North America, led by MN's own Neil Neddermeyer
  • Master Mason - The Masonic Light website has extensive articles and graphics on the Fraternity
  • Pietre-Stones - A multi-lingual website with extensive essays and research information about the Fraternity.  Strong international flavor 
  • The Scottish Key - A video produced by a group of European Masons, explains our history well
  • The University of Sheffeld - From an English University, this is a scholarly Centre for Study into the Fraternity.  Sponsors an annual conference  
  • The Writings of Ed Halpaus - Our prolific Grand Lodge Education Officer for Minnesota 


Minnesota has long been at the forefront of Masonic education.  If you would really like to dive in, there are three international research groups whose publications will benefit any member wishing to learn more.  They include the Philalethes, the Masonic Society and the Scottish Rite Research Society. Additionally, our Grand LEO, Ed Halpaus, offers a fine weekly publication on a short Masonic topic – simply write to him via his website to get on the distribution list.

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