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Welcome to Lake Harriet Lodge!

Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277 was chartered on March 24, 1913 and I am its 102nd  Worshipful Master.  We are one of the largest lodges in the great state of Minnesota.  We've had a Chief Justice of the supreme court of Minnesota, a Governor, a Senator and a Congressman come from our lodge.  However, within the lodge we are all equal in the eyes of the Supreme Architect of the Universe (God) and regard each other as brothers on the  level.  Edina Lodge #343 and Joppa Lodge # 300 have merged with our Lodge. 


Lake Harriet Lodge has long been recognized as one of the most successful lodges in Minnesota. We are proud of several past masters who hold high honors from service to the Grand Lodge, the Scottish Rite and the Shrine. Annually we raise from fifteen to twenty new Master Masons and initiate them into the mysteries of Masonry.  We are known for our stellar degree work and philanthropy in our local community. You will find good fellowship as well as enlightenment at our lodge. We meet on the first Monday of the month for degree work and the third Monday for our stated meeting.  


Masonry is not a secret society but a society with secrets and through brotherhood makes good men better.  If you would like to learn more about Freemasonry, are considering becoming a Mason, or are already a brother, I extend my personal invitation for you to stop by the Lodge at our regular meeting nights to meet our great members. Have dinner with us before the meeting starts, or just have a chat. E-mail the Secretary or phone the office, so we know you are stopping by.  Fiat lux!

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- Dr. Sujit Varma, Worshipful Master



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