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Community Involvement

Masonic lodges provide the local points of connection between Masons and their communities.  While Shrine 'Temples' serve broad geographical areas - for example, there are three Shrine temples based in Minnesota - lodges cover a smaller area.  A lodge might serve a single town, for example, or in the case of Twin Cities-based lodges, a certain portion of the metro area. Lodges are meant therefore to be regular connection points for local charity, local social events, and thereby foster more regular and familiar attendence that would be the case if we had to travel miles and miles.  This regular participation leads to the comfort of deep and lasting friendships that can only develop through shared projects and events. 

In days gone by, new candidates were required to join the lodge closest to them.  That is no longer the rule, with a more mobile society. Yet we are still connected to our local area.

The links at left describe some of the ways in which Lake Harriet Lodge supports our local communities of SW Minneapolis, Edina and the Southwest Metro area.  

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