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Charities We Support

Edina Public Schools - Glucose Monitoring Program
Lake Harriet Community School - Bikes for Books Program

VEEP Foodshelf
Joyce Uptown Foodshelf

These are only some of the organized groups.  If asked, Lake Harriet men can point to literally hundreds of examples of private charity where individual Masons give time or money to others, without tooting their horn. 

Minnesota Masonic Charities

We coordinate with Minnesota Masonic Charities (MMC) on some of our larger efforts.  MMC provides the muscle of matching and direct grants for larger programs.  These may be planned with other lodges or solo Lake Harriet functions.  In this way the lodge foundation can support local scholarships for neighborhood high school students and double the amount of the money we raise for food shelves.

Our partnership with MMC allows us to participate in the statewide grant of significant statewide scholarship money to deserving high school students.  In some cases grants to an individual student are $5,000 per year, renewable for all four years of a traditional college term.  The lodge can provide more information about applying for these scholarships.  

Finally, we have contributed heavily to the recently completed Partners for Life campaign, an effort to fund the next building phase for our University of Minnesota Cancer Center.  Minnesota Masonry's partnership with the University of Minnesota in the fight against cancer has been ongoing as long as our lodge has been in existence.  We pledged a significant amount to the next phase of this effort, designed to make the University of Minnesota one of the top three cancer research institutions in the nation.

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